Business Benefits


Save Money

  • Auditing of unused circuits. Stop paying for unused leased circuits.
  • Realize revenue faster with optimized processes.
  • Eliminate hardware costs with SaaS model.
  • Reduce number of software licenses with a single integrated application.


Save Time

  • Develop custom workflows to automate processes.
  • Streamlined interface to efficiently perform tasks.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry across multiple systems.
  • Reduced administration with SaaS model.
  • Integration to OSS, CRM and NMS Systems.


Increase Customer Satisfaction/Retention

  • Proactive maintenance/outage notification.
  • Faster service activation.
  • Improved communication of circuit provisioning process.


Satisfy Contractual and Regulatory Obligations

  • Manage SLA conformance with NMS monitoring.
  • Manage end user MSAs.
  • Report on regulated services.


Want to learn more? Click here to download our white paper “Leveraging SaaS for Special Circuit Management”.