The Internet of Things (IoT) trend continues and courtesy of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) funding, service providers are deploying fiber networks at record rates. To meet marketplace demands, KADENCE Circuit Management (KCM) was recently enhanced with functionality specific to the management of optical equipment, mapping of fiber assets and the tracking of outside plant (OSP). In addition to tracking inside-to-outside plant connectivity for legacy copper and Ethernet assets, KCM users are now empowered to track fiber connectivity as well. Existing KCM functionality has been updated to track OSP locations such as fiber nodes, poles, pedestals, enclosures and manholes and facilities such as cable and duct.

Future fiber management enhancements will also include web based, raster and vector database maps featuring editing functionality. A three phase release schedule is planned the first of which occurred on September 30th, 2017.


KCM offers functionality that represents geographic locations. When representing outside plant (OSP), all network data objects are associated to a location or connect two locations. Location examples include: central office, pedestals, poles, manholes and nodes. The OSP details page represent all facilities entering or existing a location, facility connections that occur at a location and facility available ranges.


Facilities are the path that a circuit traverses. It may be fiber, copper, microwave, etc. and is user-defined.


Facility connections occur where an incoming facility is connected to an outgoing facility. This could represent a fiber splice, a copper binding post or any other situation where a signal will transfer from one facility to another.

Facility Available

Facility available records are ranges of facilities that have been allocated to the location for use with assignment.

Service Location

Depicts the relationship between customer locations and network locations.

Terminating Circuits

Details associated with circuits that terminate at a location.

Facility Inventory

Facilities can be queried and edited from the facility inventory page.

Facility Cut

The facility cuts page enables the KCM user to view and/or edit existing facility cuts, as well create and commit new cuts.