KADENCE Circuit Management (KCM) drives profitability through the optimized management of special circuits and inside plant.

Advantages of KCM

Customizable Workflows Customizable Workflows: Realize revenue faster and develop KPIs on operational processes.
Email Notifications Maintenance Notifications: Easily notify your special circuit customers of upcoming maintenance windows with this built-in email functionality.
MSA Contract Management: Utilizing one of KCM’s standard reports, manage off-net lease agreements in addition to master service agreements with end users.
Manage SLAs via NMS: Leveraging data from network management systems, KCM provides tools and reports to manage service level agreements.
Create & Track Trouble Tickets: Courtesy of KCM’s workflow engine, trouble tickets can easily be opened, assigned and tracked.
Network Discovery Network Discovery via Integration: Avoid time consuming manual data entry and perform annual network audits. Virtually any device assigned an IP address can be discovered and introduced to the KCM database.


Want to learn more? Click here to download our white paper “Leveraging SaaS for Special Circuit Management”.