Get a feel for KCM by previewing some key functionality below.

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Workflow Process: KCM introduces a formal workflow process to ASR, work order, service order, resource order and maintenance tasks. Workflows and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be customized and managed.  Workflow tasks include status, time and date stamps and individual or departmental task assignments.

KCM Workflow Process

Circuits View: The Circuits view provides a comprehensive special circuit inventory, including circuit IDs, status, type and A and Z locations.

KCM Circuits View

Special Circuit Details: Detailed information is available on each special circuit, including customer, lessor (if applicable), DLR and channel information.

KCM Special Circuit DetailsKCM Special Circuit Details 2


Inventory Management: Complete inside plant inventories can be tracked and managed. Drill-down hierarchy allows the user to navigate through physical network assets and ultimately configure shelf and port settings.

KCM Inventory Management

Templates: The template functionality equips the user with time saving tools designed to deploy equipment, shelf and rack types with predetermined configurations.

KCM Templates

Email Notifications: KCM features an automated process for delivery maintenance and outage notifications via email. Leveraging the association of circuit and CRM information, the notification process is highly efficient and positive impacts customer satisfaction.

KCM Email Notification

Manage SLAs: Leveraging data from a network management system (NMS), KADENCE provides tools and reports critical to managing service level agreements.  SLA metrics that can be monitored and reported included latency, jitter, packet loss, throughput and availability.

KCM SLA Management


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