Today’s service providers are maneuvering in a competitive landscape… that dictates that systems conform to their processes, provide operational efficiencies and sound customer experiences. The days of multiple, disparate systems resulting in “swivel chair” or “data silos” is no longer feasible nor tolerated.

Leveraging a representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), KADENCE Circuit Management (KCM) and KADENCE Ticketing System (KTS) can be integrated with numerous other business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS). By way of HTTP requests, customer information, circuit identifiers, service orders, equipment serial numbers, status and other types of data can be retrieved, shared and deleted.

KADENCE offers integration services independent of our platforms. Back-office applications can be tightly integrated and deployed in the cloud or on premise. Utilizing industry best practices and decades of integration experience, the KADENCE approach reduces time to market and ultimately delivers integration solutions that are flexible, reliable and scalable.

After conducting an assessment and then implementing an application integration project, many service providers have discovered that the number of systems/software applications can be reduced thereby positively impacting operational expenses (OpEx). At a minimum, these providers realize process automation and increased agility enabling them to focus on their customers and respond faster to opportunities.